TLC Equipment Sdn. Bhd (Malaysia) is an engineering company that design, developed & manufactured technical teaching and training equipments such as Automotive Cut-away Model, Instructional Model, Practical Trainer & Modulator.

We specialise on operational work-on Engine On-Stand with various type of engine with or without Transmission and other accessories such as Air Conditioning system, we also customised the product according to your need.

From basic to advance training aid in automotive, our product range is essential for today’s future of learning.

Engine Complete for Research

  • Petrol, 4 stroke, 4 cylinder in-line, 2000 cc displacement.
  • Double Over Head Valve, 16 valves with lash adjuster.
  • ECI Multi Injection, Turbo charge Intercooler.
  • 4 speed ECT Automatic Transmission, Front Wheel Drive
    Electronic Control Air Conditioning / Climax Control system.
  • Engine complete system full function , original wiring harness, ECU, sensors, relays, fuses, original panel meters, turbo timer with boost meter, radiator with auto fan, air cleaner, starter motor, alternator, custom made fuel tank with pump and float gauge, battery and exhaust silencer.
  • Auto Transmission complete system working with torque convertor, auto transmission, differential unit with drive shaft (inside only), TCU with harness, linkage and cable with original lever on panel board.
  • Full function Air Conditioning system with electronic control panel, all vent working, front (dash panel), up (windscreen) and bottom (feet).

Engine On-Stand

  • Complete running engine with radiator, electrical fan, air cleaner, starter motor, alternator, and exhaust silencer.
  • Complete original wiring harness, ECU, sensors, relays, fuses and meters.
  • Assemble with very good arrangement design for easy work-on.
  • Mounted on special design quality custom made engine stand with lockable heavy duty caster wheels, fabricated with thicker tubing and plate, finish product with high quality Hammer-Tone paint.
  • The Engine is fully serviced and accurately tuned with replacement new air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, multi grade engine oil and transmission fluid.

Instructional Chassis On-Stand

All working component from engine to wheel powered by single phase AC motor with gear reduction speed about 20 ~ 30 engine stroke per minutes. The unit assemble on customised chassis complete with front and rear bumper and lighting, all component assemble on super heavy duty high resistance lockable caster wheel stand. Finish product with Chroming, Galvanised, Nickel Plating, and high quality paint. Information Manual and CD, fundamental theory of all component from engine, power train, final drive, brake, suspension, steering, electrical and lighting system, the concepts and principles. Powered by 240 VAC 50~60Hz 1hp electrical motor with speed reduction.

TLC Equipment Sdn Bhd